Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome to "Whats On Your Mind Bill?"

A stupid fucking blog, and ultimately a pretty big waste of people's time!

At this blog we will be asking various Bills - or better yet, the people on said Bills - whats on their mind. Haven't you always wanted to know what the people on various World Wide Currencies are thinking? No? Well too bad, cuz here we go:

Lets start with the classic Canadian Five Dollar Bill.

So, Wilfrid Laurier; whats on your mind?

WL: Well as Canada's first francophone Prime Minister, and great statesmen, I am a little worried. You see, my wife is knitting me a sweater for my birthday, and I am not sure that I am going to like it.

WOYMB: Go one...

WL: Yes, well, she is a skilled seamstress, but I feel that she lacks the passion, and intrinsic artistic nature to fashion me a sweater that is up to my dapper standards.

WOYMB: Hmmmm...

WL: Yes. I am also somewhat regretting the Grapefruit that I had for lunch. Much too tart, quite frankly.

WOYMB: Fascinating.

Stay tuned for more thought provoking chats with Bills, and the people who adorn them!!!

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